HydroJelly Mask (Limited Time Only)

Oceren Skincare

Regular price $50.00

Love our cooling Hydrojelly Masks we use in our treatment room? We do too!! 
We are so excited to be retailing the fun and famous Jelly Masks  home kit for a limited time only!
These masks are full of vitamins, electrolytes and nutrients to combat any dull quarantined skin. More benefits such as anti-inflammatory , brightening, and hydration goes into these masks. We use these for most of our facials! We are not able to treat your skin any time soon, this is a fun & easy mask for instant hydration and glow.
Here are 3 of favorite flavors we are offering: Home kit includes 2 mask applications. $50
lluminating Orange HyroJelly- Helps with discoloration, uneven texture, dark circles under eyes.
Intense Lavender Aftercare HydroJelly- Instant soothing, Anti-inflammatory,  Blemish and swelling.
Diamond Glow Boost HydroJelly-Repairs damaged skin cells, Acne Scars, Uneven skintone, gives a nice glow.